About Me

My name is Eric Abrom, and I am a distinguished leader in the field of User Experience Design, boasting over 14 years of expertise in forging remarkable digital interactions. My professional journey has been marked by significant achievements in spearheading UX initiatives for leading organizations, including Wells Fargo, The Home Depot, and Fetch Rewards. My primary objective is to champion design innovation and critical thinking, thus enabling designers to develop solutions that not only aesthetically please but also resonate with end-users.


I am dedicated to fostering an inclusive work culture that values curiosity and supports calculated risk-taking. My leadership ethos is built on four core principles: prioritizing people, nurturing curiosity, being action-oriented, and practicing confident humility. These principles guide my approach to empowering teams to realize their fullest potential. Beyond my professional commitments, I am passionate about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, where I both practice and teach, and I manage a YouTube channel dedicated to disseminating valuable insights into UX design, alongside providing comprehensive design tutorials.

Leadership Principles

People First

I welcome differences and seek out individuals with various backgrounds, skill sets, and points of view. Great ideas can come from anywhere, so I create environments where people feel safe participating and being themselves. I work hard to earn and keep the trust of my peers, stakeholders, customers, and users.


Yes, we all say it, but it’s true. Always be learning! I’m always looking for ways to better myself and those around me. Getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things keeps me inspired.

Action Oriented

Many decisions are reversible and can be made quickly without having all the details. Good is better than great, and perfect doesn’t exist. I take calculated risks based on a deep understanding of the user, product, and business objectives and strategies. If you make a mistake, own it, move forward, and learn from it.

Confident Humility

As a leader, I have no ego. I know what I don’t know, and I lean on my team to help me strengthen areas where I’m weakest. I also use data, my experience, expertise, and good instincts to make quick decisions and get things done.

Clips of my life

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