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Eric Abrom UX Design Leader2

Eric Abrom UX Design Leader

As a leader in user experience design with over a decade of experience, I empower designers to create unforgettable digital experiences. My mission is to revolutionize the way we approach design by encouraging innovative thinking and problem-solving. Let’s craft solutions that look good and feel good too!

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I love creating things that help people grow!

What people say about me

Eric’s honest critique and attention to detail when reviewing my UX/UI Projects helped me create the necessary changes to create a strong portfolio that led to many interviews and my first job as a UX/UI Designer. He provided resources for me to improve my understanding of this field and gave great tips for presenting my PowerPoint for a real interview. I highly recommend his coaching sessions!

Very seldom do you get a person that is adroit in visual design, hyper-organized, and has a 360 view and understanding of marketing—Eric is that person. I had the pleasure of working alongside Eric and found his level of design and problem solving was at a high level. In fact, I was looking to pull Eric into the Hartmann Studios design team. I would highly recommend Eric for a range of design and UX roles at any agency and other organization.

Leading with Energy, Urgency, and Endurance. Leading by Being Positively Honest. Eric, aka. The Unicorn has been fantastic to work with. His ideas and innovative spirit are inspiring. He has been able to really dig into LIFE and continues to cultivate and foster a THINK USER FIRST Culture. Eric has been consistent in his facilitation and interview style. He has established a good rapport with the RVP’s and Reps along with the Business Stakeholders. Eric leads with positive honesty - he says what he thinks and means what he says. Something this might be painful for the business to hear. However, it is a true mark of a leader.

Eric is one of my favorite designers to collaborate with. From brainstorming to execution, his creativity never faults, and nor does this attitude. He is detail-oriented, dedicated to putting out a great product, and is able to jump through numerous hoops amid crazy deadlines, all with a sense of humor. His design skills are impeccable and I have a tremendous amount of respect for his ability to think outside of the box. 10/10 Would love to work with him again.

I really enjoyed working with Eric. He is a very talented designer! He has a great ability to take minimal direction and execute flawlessly. He is attentive to detail and really helped bring our brands to life in a unique way. He is very collaborative and I appreciated his willingness to bring forward new ideas and perspectives. Regardless of the creative work he was tasked with, he always had a positive attitude and I hope to work with him in the future.