Eric Abrom
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“Don’t just be a unicorn, be an Ugly Unicorn. 🦄 “

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About Me

When people ask about my background. I always tell them I’m a recovering Graphic Designer who put down the bottle of photoshop and picked up a case of Adobe XD and Sketch. Old habits die hard. I’ve spent the last 10 years of my career making things look pretty, for the sake of looking pretty. Over my career, I learned a lot about: Marketing, Sales, Motion Graphics, Photography, Videography, Financing, Taxes, even how to run a small business. When I think about all the skills I developed, I realized those skills could transfer to a career in User Experience (UX Design).
I became a UX Designer because I wanted a change in my life. I wanted to design products that people actually wanted. Once I became a UX Designer, I knew I wanted to give back to the community because people helped me along the way. I wanted to be a source of inspiration and knowledge for all those FreshUXers™ out there. I now run a YouTube Channel, Podcast, and the occasional speaker to do my part in giving back.
What is your UX Super Power? Mine… mmmm, let’s talk about it.

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Content Creator

I love creating things for the internet

UX Coaching

My Work

Verify applicant information at the point of sale and limit the information the applicant must provide.
Use Quick Quote in under one minute and give accurate calculations to clients.
Mentorship app to help new UX Designers make the transition
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tracker app to help people reach Black Belt