About Us

How Ugly Unicorns came to be!

Ugly Unicorns was founded 2018 by Eric Abrom. The brand developed from his passion for graphic design. In his career, he was always able to pick up things quickly and provide a service that companies needed. This way of working gave him other skills besides graphic design.

Companies always want someone to come in and do everything in that business. In his case: design, branding, marketing, filming, video editing, photography, and more. Companies can have one person come in and do it all, but it won't be pretty. This is where the name Ugly Unicorns came from. Being willing to do anything even if you are not an expert in that field. When you see value yourself, people will notice!


Our Mission:

We exist to have fun creating beautiful things!


What we know!

It’s common knowledge that unicorns are magical, rare, and tricky to find (there are plenty of imposter horses out there with horns glued to their heads), but an UGLY unicorn? Have you ever heard of such a crazy thing? Such a creature would truly be the rarest of the rare, a unique beast, something that MUST be found and appreciated. And look at you! You’ve found us! And we’re here to use our magical products for your benefit.

When we majestically galloped onto the clothing scene, there were several things that we knew that we wanted to accomplish, and these things would set us apart from the rest of the herd.

First, we recognized that being unique is tough, and who among you have felt like you didn't belong to a group of class? So we came up with a name and a brand for people like you to celebrate your uniqueness. Ugly Unicorns! Unicorns are rare but and Ugly Unicorn is the rarest.

As Ugly Unicorns, we know that we have an image to uphold, as do you. We understand the need to build, motivate, and love yourself, but we also want to help you grow and add value to yourself.

Like all unicorns, we have a great appreciation for beautiful things. We love to have fun designing cool products that you like and pushing the limits of our imagination. Our magic is pretty much unlimited so no matter how many products we design, we won’t stop until the product is as perfect as you. Our very existence and sole mission in life is to give you confidence, support, and love!

Don’t just be a unicorn, Be an Ugly Unicorns!